Assisted Living at Hillside Haven Care Home

At our assisted living home, we prefer an intimate approach to care and service. This means being flexible with our arrangements. Our scheduling revolves around you, so don't hesitate to visit! We personalize all services. That's our luxury as a small but tight operation. 

We deliver exceptional senior care in a family environment. The setting matters when it comes to feeling comfortable. This always put our clients in a great mood. We want to avoid the sterile atmosphere of a clinical nursing home facility.

Our administrator, Linda Todd, has been a licensed nurse since 1995. You can expect professional and expert elderly home care at our residential care facility. We are locally owned & operated, which means you deal directly with us. There's no reason to fight through corporate policies to see your loved ones. We make things easy and convenient for you.

For a unique alternative to traditional elderly homes, contact Hillside Haven Care Home in Amarillo, TX today!


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